The module aims at : 1.Equipping the students with the theoretical and practical skills on how to organize human resources, manage agribusiness units and an overview of the international laws governing their operations. 2.Explaining the concept of agribusiness management, distinctive features of agribusiness management and the conceptual, human, technical and analytical skills required for running agribusinesses, 3. Introducing to students the business management principles and methods which make an organization function as productively as possible to maximize its profits and relate these to management of agribusiness companies, 4. Teaching students how to apply the theory and methods for making decisions in agribusinesses, focusing on functional or specialist areas of accounting, finance, marketing, operations, purchasing, personnel, administration and public relations, Demonstrating to students how to manage companies which process, market, and sell agricultural products to consumers and to explore the business concepts, economic principles, and management tools necessary to operate these companies successfully. Training students how to develop agribusiness plans.