This module ̋Introduction to social work̏ and anthropology helps graduate students from Social Work program to get the entrance of their future profession. This module is intended to introduce future Social Workers to the nature of social work profession, its basic concepts, knowledge base, skills, ethical values, code of conduct and various roles played by social workers within different settings. It also equip students with elementary knowledge of anthropology that will be useful in application of the principle of cultural diversity. 

Specifically, this module aims:

-          To prepare autonomous practitioners committed to working competently and effectively with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities;

-          To socialize students to the values and ethics of the profession of social work;

-          To address challenges, issues and problems of people toward the alleviation of human suffering and enhancing the quality of the life of oppressed, at-risk, and vulnerable populations;

-          To prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to address oppression and social injustice in all forms; and

-          To promote the fullest understanding of the reality and complexity of human diversity as a basis for culturally competent social work practice


I assume that at the end of this module, students will be equipped with basic knowledge of their future profession. For this purpose, they will go through the module notes posted in moodle, read books available in library and online, online videos and exchange ideas with social work practitioners already graduated.

This module can be covered within 5 weeks to cover all  units and allow students master the content and achieve module objectives in learning process.