This module aims at providing students with basic knowledge of education. The module will deal with basic elements of education such as history of education, philosophy of education, sociology of education and comparative education.

This module comprises 4 units.
Unit I will introduce you to the general issues in relation to management of a secondary school: meaning of management, functions of management, staff motivation, leadership practices, management of change and conflict management.
Unit II: Economics of Education: Meaning of economics of education and its role in educational management, role of education in national development, cost benefit analysis, efficiency and effectiveness of an education system.
Unit III: Implementation of the curriculum or management of students' learning.
Unit IV: Contemporary issues in education

The module explains the principles and approaches of methodology of teaching, object and concepts of general methodology, methods of learning and teaching. It provides knowledge about preparing a lesson and precises different documents within the class.

The module aims at giving students a deep knowledge of specific teaching methods of mathematics (whole process of lesson preparation, delivery and evaluation). 

Learning/teaching processes and methods in science and mathematics, classroom management and handling, management of group activities, preparation of scheme of work, lesson plan and teaching/learning aids, and evaluation/assessment, micro- teaching, preparing mathematical activities.